Gender: Female
Age: 6-7 years
Size/Weight: 32 lbs
Color: Tri-color
Breed: English Setter

Socialization/training: loves people, tolerates other dogs when they are not in her personal space. Does not respond to her name.

Good with Children: yes, loves the kids

Good with Dogs: somewhat tolerant, but does not seek canine companionship, takes a while to adjust

Good with Cats: No, no small pets 

House trained: yes, she has not had an accident in the house

Crate trained: yes, settles down quickly. Her crate is her safe place to hang out when inside and not with people

Leash trained: pulls on leash, we have not worked on leash etiquette very much

Activity Level: Mayflower loves to run! When she is not inside hanging out, she is patrolling the fence line. She would do great with a dog door if possible, she does bark at the door when she is ready to come in.

Fence REQUIRED: Yes, definitely necessary. She loves being outside, patrolling the property and chasing birds & squirrels. Mayflower needs a large fenced in yard to explore and run.

Behavior: Mayflower loves people and wants to climb up in your lap and snuggle when she is indoors. She is my constant companion and follows me around the house when she is not outside.

Medical History: Mayflower is up to date on vaccines, negative for heartworm, spayed and micro-chipped. She had mammary tumor surgery while in the shelter, but all tumors were found to be benign. We are currently putting Mederma cream on her incision area to help with healing and scar tissue.

Foster Comments: Mayflower is a petite setter, she loves people and the outdoors. She is a great snuggler and craves attention and love. She sleeps in her kennel at night and when we are not home. She took a couple of weeks to adjust to our resident dogs and is not interested in canine companionship the way some of our resident dogs and other foster dogs are. We do not have any cats, but Mayflower has an extremely high prey drive and she needs to go to a home with no small pets. She may do better as an only dog or with a senior dog that is not interested in playing or rough housing.

Adoption fee: $275.00

Foster Location: Roswell, GA
In most cases volunteer transport is available for your adopted dog to within 2 hours of your home.