ZORA AB#16-143



Zora playing with ball video

Zora wrestling video

Zora in snow video

Gender:   Female         
Age: Approx 18 months
Size/Weight: 23 lbs
Color: Tri-color
Breed: English Setter/Spaniel mix (foster mom thinks Cocker Spaniel, but could be French Brittany or Cavalier King Charles mix)

Socialization/training: Zora is extremely well socialized, but she will need her adopters to work with her on basic obedience and training. She loves and gets along with everyone and is extremely friendly and outgoing. She wants to play and make friends with everyone. Zora does need some ongoing training though – she sometimes chews on things she shouldn’t, will counter surf and steal food if given an opportunity, and she has a weird habit of humping pillows! She can be a tad bit stubborn, but she wants to please her people and can be easily redirected if you play with her or snuggle her on your lap instead. She really only misbehaves when you aren’t paying attention to her.
Good with Children: Yes. Zora does not have young children in her foster home, but she is wonderful with her pet sitter’s teenage daughter who comes over often (and she adores Zora). Zora seems to love everyone, so I think she would absolutely love having some school aged kids to play with. She may be a little rambunctious for toddlers, but I expect she would be very good with children.

Good with Dogs:  Absolutely. Zora lives with a bunch of other dogs and is great with them. She loves to play and romp with the other dogs and is always game for a round of chase or wrestling. Although all her foster brothers and sisters all outweigh her by at least 20 pounds, she jumps right into the mix and is usually the first to initiate play time. Zora would definitely want to have another friendly dog in her forever home.

Good with Cats: Unknown, but probably. There are no cats in Zora’s foster home, but she did well with the cat in her temp foster and could probably learn to coexist well with cats. As with any sporting dog, careful introductions would be wise, but Zora has not shown much prey drive and would probably just try to play with a cat. She probably would chase a cat that ran though.

House trained:  Mostly. Zora was reported to be housetrained by her temp foster and she has never had an accident in the main house, but she has peed a couple of times in the movie room in the barn.

Crate trained: Yes, but she’s not a fan. Zora has to be enticed into her crate with food or a treat, and she will whine and bark if left alone there. She does settle down after a bit, but she would really rather be with her people and not closed away separate from her family. If you have to leave for a couple of hours, she is fine in her crate, but will make noise to come out the second you return.

Leash trained: Somewhat. Zora has a huge yard at her foster home and lots of setter siblings, so we haven’t spent a lot of time practicing leash-walking. Since she is smaller than a typical setter, she doesn’t have that much pulling power, but if she gets excited, she sometimes dances around your feet and jumps up rather than walking beside you.

Activity Level: HIGH ENERGY - Zora is a typical setter puppy. She loves to run and pay, and seems to have boundless energy. Zora does not self-exercise though. She will play ball with you endlessly, but if you leave her outside in the yard, she will very quickly come looking for you. Zora likes to play with other dogs or people. She will entertain herself briefly with a toy, but if she doesn’t get enough interaction, she will get bored. She loves to run, chase and wrestle. Zora is VERY fast – she can almost outrun most of her setter siblings who are twice her size. Once she wears herself out, Zora likes to settle in for a good snuggle. She will need an active family to keep her entertained and out of trouble. Although she is small and loves laps, Zora is definitely NOT a couch potato.

Fence: Strongly Preferred. Zora has a lot of energy and needs room to run and play safely. Although her recall is better than most setters, she can be easily distracted, so she will need a family with a good exercise plan and a safe way to help her burn off her puppy energy.

Behavior: Zora is a playful, high energy pup.  Although she is about 18 months old, she still acts very much like a puppy.  She loves to wrestle and chase other dogs.  She also loves toys and treats. She will play hard for hours then crash out for a nap.  Once she has expended her energy, she will curl up beside you on the sofa. Zora is still learning basic house manners, but she wants to please you, so she learns quickly with consistent reinforcement. She does still chew things like most puppies, so her adopters will need to keep things out of her reach and be prepared to redirect her with an appropriate toy of her own.

Medical History: Zora is spayed, up to date on all her vaccinations, and in very good health.  She did have a bad yeast infection in her ears, but that has been cleared up now. It will be important for her adopters to keep her ears clean as they are long and thick and could be prone to infection if not cleaned regularly. Zora is on flea/tick and heartworm prevention as well.

Foster Comments:  Before coming to rescue, Zora belonged to a family. Sadly, they moved away and left her behind in the backyard. Neighbors saw her and contacted a wonderful local couple who are active in rescue, and they went and picked her up. When they got her, she has been on her own for a week or two and was very hungry and scared. Fortunately, it didn’t take long at all for Zora to feel comfortable and blossom again. She’s now up to a healthy weight and a very happy, well-adjusted puppy.

Zora LOVES her people – she is very much a “velcro dog” and wants to be with you all the time. She is happy to play with you, jog with you, or to just cuddle up in your lap…. Whatever you are doing, she wants to be right beside you – touching you if possible. Given her affinity for her people, Zora needs a home where her family is home most of the time or where she can go with them wherever they go. She would not do well (and will not be adopted) to a family that is gone 6+ hours a day. Although she is high energy and needs plenty of exercise, Zora is also a wonderful lap dog. She snuggles beautifully and wants a family where she can curl up on the sofa and, ideally, sleep in bed beside you. On these cold winter months, she makes a wonderful space heater!!

Zora is friendly, happy and affectionate with everyone. Her perfect family would have another friendly dog and some kids to play with. Zora is an absolutely wonderful little pup, and her foster mom cannot imagine how her former family could have moved away without her. We adore her and will be very sad to see her go!

Adoption Fee: $300.00

Foster location: Temperance, MI
In most cases volunteer transport is available for your adopted dog to within 2 hours of your home.