TUCKER AB#16-108



Gender: Male, neutered
Age: 7 years old
Size/Weight: 39lbs
Color: orange/white
Breed: English Setter

Good with children: yes, older children preferred as certain actions may startle him. Tucker loves children and people

Good with dogs: yes, but would probably do best being the only dog or with one other dog. A large pack makes it hard for him to figure out what is going on. He likes other dogs but seemed to have had little social interaction with other dogs. When he arrived, he could not read the cues of the other dogs and occasionally acted inappropriately. He has made great progress in this area and has learned to share and even play a bit.

Good with cats: yes. He is very gentle with cats and gives them little kisses.

House trained: Yes, Tucker does a very good job with going outside when he needs to. He will bark or whine at the door when he needs to go out.

Crate trained: yes, he will stay in his crate and sleep with his stuffed dog toy.

Leash trained: yes, he will pull if he sees a bird or squirrel but has improved a lot over the time he has been here.
Activity level: If the house is active, Tucker is active. When the house is quiet, so is he. He does love playing with his toys. He also enjoys hanging out near his people. He enjoys car rides and watches the road the whole way. He also enjoys exploring the yard with the other dogs.

Fence: Tucker has been leash walked since he arrived at our home, but we do not think he would be a jumper. He would love a place to watch the birds.

Behavior: Tucker is a very loving boy and will keep his head in your lap as long as you will rub his ears! He is independent but likes to be close by the people. He likes to play with stuffed toys but he likes his ears rubbed more. He loves to wear his sweater outside in the snow and look for birds in the shrubs. And did I mention he loves his ears rubbed!

Medical History: Tucker is almost done with heartworm treatment. He has undergone all the treatments and will be rechecked soon. He is healthy, up to date on vaccines, neutered, & microchipped.

Foster Comments: Tucker was surrendered to a shelter in the south because his family did not want him anymore. A & B gave him a new name and a new lease on life. He is a handsome dog who deserves the best life has to offer. He has endured the hard parts of his life with dignity and grace, remaining a sweet loving boy. A true southern gentleman, he charms everyone he meets. Tucker deserves a happily-ever-after; he will be grateful for all the love and attention you can shower on him and in return he will be a faithful, loving companion.

Adoption fee: $275.00

Location: Northeast Connecticut
In most cases volunteer transport is available for your adopted dog to within 2 hours of your home.