LACEY AB#16-080


*Note: Due to Lacey’s fear of car rides we would like for her adoptive home to be no more than 1 hour from her foster family in Whitehouse, OH, if possible.

Gender: Female
Age: 5-6 years
Size/Weight: 70 lbs
Color: White & Black
Breed: English Setter

Good with Children: She hasn’t had much exposure in her foster home but suspect she would be gentle with them once she is comfortable. Probably not a candidate for a home with small children due to her size.

Good with Dogs: Very much so. Not super playful but she is showing signs of interest now that she is healthy.

Good with Cats: Not sure. She does not have a strong prey drive but likes to chase things that run as much as the next dog.

House trained: Yes. She has never had an accident in the house.

Crate trained: No. She has a fear of the crate and she is not a candidate for crating. But she has excellent house manners and there really is no need.

Leash trained: At first Lacey was terrified of being on a leash. We have desensitized her and while she isn’t excited about leash walks she does tolerate them now. Because of her sensitivity to pulling on her collar she is actually very good on a leash and walks by your side. As she becomes more relaxed on a leash she is exploring her boundaries and sometimes will walk ahead. Every time she gets too far ahead and there is a tug on her collar she slows right down. She does sometimes walk ahead and then stops, turns around to check that you approve of what she is doing. That can be a little tricky and her foster mom inevitably trips over her.

Activity Level: Very laid back. She just completed heartworm treatment and is probably feeling the best she has felt in a very long time, if ever. We have recently started to see a playful side to her, both with other dogs and her family.

Last week she was sitting in the yard watching her foster mom walk down the driveway after getting the mail. Suddenly Lacey went belly to ground and became very still. As her mom got closer she all of a sudden lunged, ran to her mom and reared on her hind legs like a horse and started bounding around her. She was literally smiling, bouncing circle around her mom and so happy at her joke of having “surprised” her.

Fence REQUIRED: We have both a physical fence and an e-Fence that she is trained on. One or the other is mandatory for her safety. Leash walking will not be an option for her. She is beginning to enjoy her time outside and must have a large yard for exploring and self exercising.

Behavior: Very attuned to her family. She watches constantly to see where you are, for approval and for queues. She is a snuggler extraordinaire.

Medical History: Lacey is up to date on vaccines, spayed and microchipped. Lacey was in very poor shape when she came to the shelter and was heartworm positive. All her medical needs have been addressed by A & B and at this time she is a healthy setter.

Foster Comments: Lacey story is particularly sad. She came to rescue via an Animal Control situation. Her neighbors had repeatedly reported the owners for neglect and abuse. Her situation was so dire that one of the neighbors threatened to shoot her to put her out of the misery she was being subjected to. She and her 10 puppies were finally seized and taken to the shelter. Sadly not one of her puppies survived. Lacey herself was in the shelter for 3 months, continually overlooked and deemed “unadoptable” due to her extreme “shyness”.

Lacey arrived in her foster home after a long transport which was very traumatic to her. She was fearful of cars, fearful of having her collar touched and fearful of strangers. Not optimum for a girl who had already been through so much.

Her first day with her new family she wouldn’t let anyone near her. But she is a girl that loves treats so with patience and lots of wonderful treats she finally let someone touch her. After that things happened fast because she desperately wanted to love and trust people.

Lacey was also heartworm positive and during her months of treatment she has shown her true colors. She is sweet, gentle, intelligent and extremely devoted to her people. She has learned to let strangers approach her, to tolerate someone holding her by the collar and walking on a leash. She still does not care for car rides but will now willingly get in a car. It doesn’t sound like much but she has journeyed far.

Her adoptive family will need to understand that Lacy is still on her journey. Even today if her family approaches her quickly and unexpectedly she will tuck tail between her legs and stand and quiver in fear. Sometimes she just can’t control those old fears of abuse but it happens less and less.

Lacey has simply been a joy to foster. In spite of her behavioral difficulties she has tried harder than any dog we have ever fostered to understand the rules and please her family. She has never had an accident in the house, never chewed anything, never counter surfed, never gotten in the trash, never dug a hole in the yard and never shown any ounce of aggression even when she was terrified. She is perfect and we would never give her up accept for one thing……we are a multiple dog household and never have fewer than 4 dogs. Lacey deserves more time and attention than we can give her.

If you are looking for a dog to be your best friend and companion and are willing to be hers in return, then consider this special girl.

Adoption fee: $300.00

Foster Location: Whitehouse, OH
Due to Lacey’s fear of car rides we would like for her adoptive home to be no more than 1 hour from her foster family if possible.