Hunter Duke Video

Gender: Male
Age: 11 years
Size/Weight: 60#
Color: White & Black
Breed: English Setter

Good with Children: Yes
Good with Dogs: Yes, basically ignores them, but does like their presence for company.
Housetrained: Yes, goes outside and right back in.

Activity Level: Low maintenance. Would rather sleep on the couch than go for walks.

Behavior: Likes to cuddle in bed. One of the most unique things about Hunter Duke is that he "talks". He talks when he's sleeping or rolling over in bed or if you want him to move over on the couch. When Hunter Duke first arrived, we weren't sure if he should be called grumpy because his talking sounds like he's complaining especially with his hound dog eyes, but now we just laugh when he grumbles.

Medical History: Neutered, up to date on vaccines, blood work and urine studies normal.
Vet said that he shouldn’t gain much more weight because his back end isn’t strong.

Foster Comments: As Hunter Duke's foster mom, I can tell you that I would readily adopt Hunter except that to do so, would mean that I would no longer have the room to foster again. However, it is extremely important for Hunter Duke, that he is adopted by a family who is willing and able to give him a forever home that is loving and consistent. Where he will not longer have to worry where his next meal is and if he will be clean and warm and if he will be loved, Hunter is a good boy and deserves the best as he ages.

He needs a home where he is not left alone for long periods of time. Even though he doesn't interact with the resident dogs, he seems to take comfort in knowing they are there when the humans are gone.

Comments from Hunter Duke: Several months ago some angels came to where I was and “seized” me because they said I was being abused and neglected. I know that I was very hungry, cold, skinny had sores all over my body and big patches of missing hair. My foster mom said that she saw pictures of me lying on a cold concrete floor looking so sad that she couldn’t stand the thought of me knowing so much pain and suffering. Wasn’t my foster mom surprised when she met me and learned that I am a regal ol gent. In fact I am now called Hunter Duke. I have gained weight and grown hair over much of my bald areas. I know I don’t have beautiful flowing feathers anymore like some of the young pups but I think you can still see what I must have once looked like. My foster mom tells me all the time that I look regal and handsome. In my eyes you can see my soul and my heart. My foster mom says I have hound dog eyes and that my occasional woof sounds like a hound dogs woof and that my eyes often get me whatever I want.
I absolutely want to and demand to sleep on your bed with you and by your pillow as that is the best place to sleep. In the morning when I wake up I like to pick up my head and then put it back down several times and pretend that I am sleeping. This my idea of great fun and the best way to start the day.
Occasionally I rest outside in the yard if it is sunny and warm. When I drink and eat I often do so while sitting down. I tend to eat soft food as my teeth are worn down in the front. My foster mom still thinks I look kind of skinny. I do walk better than I did when the angels found me and I can climb stairs on my own now just not as fast as I once did.
I will make you laugh for sure and warm your heart, in return I ask for a warm bed and a warm heart.

Adoption fee: $125.00

Foster Location: New England
In most cases volunteer transport is available for your adopted dog to within 2 hours of your home.