MAGGIE AB#16-007



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Gender: Female
Age: 10yrs, Approx. DOB 1/1/06 Reduced adoption fee because of age.
Size/Weight: 46 pounds
Color: orange belton
Breed: English Setter

Good with Children: Maggie did well around my 16 month granddaughter
Good with Dogs:  Yes. She is good with my three dogs but does not "play" with them.
Good with Cats: Yes. She does not pay the cat any attention. She has paid no interest in the parrot (except for cleaning up spilled bird food from around the cage.)
House trained: Overall, I want to say yes. I have had to keep her inside for extended times while I am at work and she has had accidents inside. When I am home and able to let her in and out there are no issues. There have been occasions during the night that I wasn't quick or awake enough to get her out in time and have had to clean up pee..... (Since she has been with me she has been an inside dog due to: the first week she was inside for acclimation, the following three weeks she was in heat, the next four weeks she was recovering from surgery. She has a few weeks outside but will be spayed April 12 and will have to stay inside again.)
Crate trained: I have not used a crate. Before she came to me, her temporary foster said she was vocal in the crate.
Leash trained:She walks on a leash but does not heel. She does not pull hard.

Activity Level: Maggie is very laid back, usually content to curl up on a dog bed or rug . She is not playful with other dogs but does get very excited and energetic when we come home at the end of the day and at the prospect of food and treats. I have not noticed her playing with any of the toys the other dogs play with.

Fence: Invisible fence, not advised. She will do her "business" while on a leash. She will wander without a fence but not with the intention of "running away" . I have a 4' fence and she has made no effort to climb it. I have an electric fence at the country house. Unfortunately Maggie got "bitten" by it before I had a chance to introduce her to it properly. Since then she prefers to stay inside unless I take her out on a leash to show her "safe" areas. I don't know how her loss of hearing will enter in to invisible fence training.

Behavior: Maggie does well alone but really enjoys a good ear rub. She is variable on what type of bedding she prefers. Sometimes she sleeps on the cushioned dog beds, but other times she will sleep on the floor next to the bed. She does like a rug pad over the hard floor. She has never made any attempt to climb on the furniture.

Medical History: Maggie came to us extremely under weight with multiple tumors and growths. She has gained 10 pounds and undergone surgery to remove a large benign cyst from her abdominal area, multiple breast cancers and a large cyst from her left rear leg. Excision of the abdominal and leg cyst is considered curative. The biopsy of the mammary tumor, while of a sort that tends towards malignancy, indicated that the tumor had not spread to the local lymph node.
She was HW neg upon surrender to Indiana Animal Control and has been on Sentinel since. Maggie had a seizure a week after her surgery, the emergency vet could find nothing wrong upon examination and I have not seen any signs of other seizures.

Foster Comments: Maggie is a very sweet, lovable old girl. While hard of hearing, once you've gotten her attention she is responsive.
She loves treats but will try to snatch them from your hand instead of waiting patiently. We are working on sitting and waiting (with limited success)
If you go to catch her collar and get neck skin along with it, she will cry out making me think she has been grabbed and thrown by the neck in the past. She is somewhat head shy and I don't know if this is former abuse or a vision issue.

Adoption fee: Reduced due to age $150.00

Foster Location: Maggie came to me from Indiana and is now enjoying the warmer weather in Charleston, SC. She has shown no interest in the water.
In most cases volunteer transport is available for your adopted dog to within 2 hours of your home.

BEFORE-arrival at foster home


AFTER loving care in foster home. Maggie in the middle.