HUNTER, FL AB#15-037



**NOTE: Potential adopters must be able to travel to Homosassa, FL to meet Hunter. No exceptions.

Hunter in yard

Gender: Male
Age: 4  years, Approx. DOB 11/03/12
Size/Weight: 40lb

Socialization/training: Hunter is extremely shy and easily frightened at the slightest sound or experience, we have had Hunter for a year now and he is beginning to show some trust when he is outside, within the fenced yard with the other dogs. When he first goes outside he will immediately start running and pacing the fence line, he is just starting to come to us when outside but will run off at the slightest sound or movement. Inside he is very comfortable in our dog area which has old couches and dog beds. When inside he will come up and snuggle, it is stressed that he is not this way outside.

Good with Children: Probably not. Has only seen the grandkids but stays away

Good with Dogs: yes

Good with Cats: unknown

House trained: Yes. He is on a schedule with other dogs but he does well. Hunter piddles when he becomes fearful over a noise or unusual situation. The slightest little change in something such furniture being different will make him turn around and run back inside the dog area while piddling on the way.

Crate trained: Very fearful of crate as he was confined for his whole life until he came to us.

Leash trained: Does well on leash and check cord as long has you have a firm grip. He will bolt at basically nothing and not respond to any calls.

Activity Level: Low because of his fear of exploring.

Fence REQUIRED: Hunter will definitely need a fence. He will run out if given the opportunity, he is always watching.

Behavior: Extremely shy and withdrawn, but will snuggle when he trusts you. He will now sometimes make a low howling noise to greet us, we've not heard him bark. Fearful of thunder or any loud noise!

Medical History: Up to date on vaccines

Foster Comments: Hunter will need someone who is extremely willing and ABLE to take the time and effort. Each step is a baby step and thinking outside the box to SLOWLY move him forward.

Potential adopters will have to agree to come to Homosassa, FL and see Hunter in the environment he is comfortable with. A retired person or couple would be the best for Hunter. We did this with a Brittany we fostered who was not a bad as Hunter and the process worked. Many will think or say they are capable of dealing with this type of dog, but are thinking in theory not reality. We will have to talk with any potential adopters to discuss his personality in detail. if you really want to adopt him.

We have four setters, a Britt and a Springer Spaniel (along with five other dogs), our five bird dog types are very well trained and are all able to be taken off leash to run and be dogs so we understand the how's to make this happen. All were totally untrained when we adopted them.

Many will say that Hunter will just have to be a leash dog... not with the right forever home. Hunter is a great dog who just really needs a lot of love understanding and extreme patience! Because of Hunter's extreme fearfulness I have not been able to do any obedience type training. Normally I have can have a dog sitting, staying and coming off leash within a few weeks, Hunter is just to fearful to work on this type training.

Hunter eats well and enjoys his Diamond Naturals which is a grain free food, we boil chicken and put the broth and chicken meat over the food for all the dogs. He does not chew on dog bones which are plentiful.

Adoption fee: $300.00

Foster Location: Homosassa, Florida